Supporter Quotes

We asked you some hard questions – you had honest answers. We found you to be genuine and passionate and truly have a heart for Anaheim — deep roots. No hidden agendas – you did not bash any other candidates. That’s impressive because we’ve had 2 other candidates knock on our door — unfortunately, they resorted to wanting to discuss their negative perceptions of you, instead of addressing the neighborhood and community needs, You have the backing of some very powerful and influential groups. But you made this neighborhood BELIEVE that you are running for City Council to represent our District 5 and our neighborhoods. You have the right experience for the job. This neighborhood truly believes you are the best candidate for the job and certainly one of the most HONEST candidates that this City has seen in a very long time!

Robert D.Anaheim Resident

Steve Faessel is breath of fresh air, fully committed to building and maintaining a project, a cause, a relationship with those he works with and represents. By being a good listener,. He has learned a lot and he promotes a sense of fairness in making sound decisions. It has be wen and honor and a privilege to writ alongside him in various projects over the years.

Ed MunsonPresident/CEO, Cypress College

Steve has been a supporter of many activities in Anaheim. He has attended the WAND BBQ’s for as long as I can remember.

Esther Wallace

Steve is always prepared. He does his homework.

Gail Eastman

I served ten years as a city Department head and twenty five years as a City Manager. As such I have served under more that 100 City Council members giving me genuine insight toward what makes an excellent City Council member and I find that Steve Faessel more that fits that category well.

I served with Steve on the Public Utilities Board for six years, succeeding him as the Chair. Steve does his homework, has great analytical ability, is fiscally responsible, and is totally dedicated to helping to make a better Anaheim. He has served on most of the critical Boards and Commissions for the City and has a rich historical background and he is a team player. This is the first time I have supported a candidate for Council but I feel that Steve more than earned my support for his untiring community support for such a long time.

John W. Elwell

I feel very comfortable to knock on Steve’s door or to call him on the phone with a problem, a question,  or even to find out what the City has planned for our neighborhood. He’s never to busy, or too important. I like that.

Cheyenne Del Carmen

Steve really cares about the people of Anaheim. He will represent you just like he himself would like to be represented. Anaheim is his home and his families home too. I feel I know the Faessels as being neighbors for over 36 years.

Debbie Reiter

Few people know it, but Steve Faessel was the person who got City Hall to fix our sidewalks, not just in his neighborhood, but up and down the Sunkist Corridor. Steve Faessel’s love for Anaheim shows in his action far beyond his words.

David Bartash

When Steve Faessel took on the big money interests that wanted to build a power plant right down the street from us, we were impressed that Steve took the lead for us. When we won the battle, we were elated. He’s got my vote for City Council. Steve Faessel is first for the community; when he sees a need, he works for a resolution for everyone. He looks for a solution. He’s got a vision that most people don’t have.

Barbara Hershey

Steve is the most professional, hard working, focused, dedicated community leader you will ever meet. Our city’s past, present, and most of all, it’s future is Steve’s highest priority. He is the absolute best choice for our City Council.

Bill TaorminaClean City, Inc.

My husband, Frank, and I have known Steve for 25 years. He is the most qualified person to lead our city with his vast experience in Anaheim. I wish Steve Faessel good luck.

Sally Feldhaus